Additional food and refreshments are available in addition to those that are included in your package.
You can choose from the following:

Tea, coffee and biscuits £2.40 per serving per person
Tea and coffee £2.00 per serving per person
Danish Pastries £2.00 Each
Bacon Rolls £2.95 Each
Assorted Loaf Cakes £1.75 Per person
Local Yogurts & assorted cereal bars (v) £2.95 Per person
Locally Produced Fruit Juices & Smoothies £2.95 per person
Fruit basket up to 10 persons £1050
Fruit baskets up to 20 persons £16.50
Orange, apple, cranberry juice (5-6 glasses) £4.75 per jug
Mineral water (still or sparkling 1 litre) £2.95
Sandwiches & locally sourced crisps & fruit £6.00 per person

Cheese platter £24.00,  serves 10 people – a selection of English Cheeses with biscuits, grapes and celery, serves 10 people

Canapes £6.20 (four per person), including ratatouille with Gruyère cheese on a sun-dried tomato croûte (v), smoked salmon and chive cream cheese crostini (v), Thai spiced chicken on a herb croute & peppered beef and horseradish cream

Bar Nibbles £13.00, serves 10 people and includes an assortment of crisps, nuts and cheese straws

For the organiser
The below are suggestions for your compere, band or audiovisual crew

Plate of assorted sandwiches £11.00, serves 4 people

Flasks of coffee with disposable cups £9.60, serves 6 cups approximately

Please note: All prices are exclusive of VAT